The following are terms I use often when talking about having a #ThoughtRevolution:

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Alignment when you feel any emotion that you are enjoying feeling, you are in alignment. Feeling alignment should be anyone’s #1 priority because that’s the only state of being you can be in where what you want to manifest can come. Everything you want is because you believe you will feel happier having it, but it cannot come if you feel less than that, if you are not aligned.

Manifesting many people think of manifesting as getting the car, the bank account, the job, the partner, the dream home. True manifesting is first creating the good feeling of alignment, because once you are aligned like the person who has the car, the bank account, the job, etc. those other things manifest. When you want to manifest anything, manifest the feeling first.

Vibration having a #ThoughtRevolution means choosing thoughts that are more evolved – better feeling – than the ones you have been thinking on a subject that is important to you. Nobel Prize winning physicists have proven beyond doubt that it is our thoughts that we create with. Our thoughts have vibration (science has even proven that good feeling thoughts have high vibrations; bad feeling thoughts low) and that vibration attracts like vibration. So if you vibrate about how much you can’t stand someone, you will attract more of whatever offending behaviour they are exhibiting, from them, or by attracting people exhibiting the same offending behaviour. Because of the fact our thoughts have vibration, you literally become what you think about most. Your life becomes what you have imagined and believed in most. So choose your thoughts carefully. Have a #ThoughtRevolution in the areas you know you need to have one. Use the tools and ideas I provide on this site to assist you. Most of all, have fun with it.