Get happier! Shaun is leading a #ThoughtRevolution about the true meaning of success, the real power of positivity, and how anyone can live without limits or regrets. Email to discuss how Shaun can help you shine by giving life-changing takeaway at your next event.

“Our audience connected with Shaun immediately, as he opened their hearts with his truth, his wisdom and his lightheartedness. Shaun Proulx is a gift to the world: authentic, wise, accomplished and passionate both as a speaker and a human being.” – Kathie Donovan Author, Speaker, Producer of Refresh your Passion

A highly entertaining and deeply-personal speaker – whether presenting to employees of a pharmaceutical giant, to university students, or providing private coaching to a rising pop star – Shaun always leaves audiences inspired and wanting more.

“Rather than presenting, Shaun had a conversation that connected with every member of the audience… grounded in bold reality, edging the audience towards discomfort – the hallmark of engagement and impact. Conversations continued for days where colleagues appreciation for what they described as an experience, versus simply another speaker. – Neil Boutin – corporate client

“Shaun has led a gritty life and he’s not afraid to tell you or be judged by you as a speaker and I like that. He was a recipe for disaster (to use his words) with no self-esteem who made his own Hollywood ending happen. I realized nothing can stop me just like nothing stops Shaun.” – Anita – workshop attendee

“I have been fortunate enough to have been involved with training groups that were magical and Saturday’s lead by Shaun certainly counts!” – Leah – workshop attendee

“Your character is attractively infectious, open, professional, right on the money, and perfect for making me fully understand something so easy that was once the hardest thing to do.” – Ray – workshop attendee

I wish that the session could have been longer so that the participants and Shaun could spend more time together!” – Sergio

“As a speaker I felt Shaun was reading my mind and he totally reaffirmed my belief in myself…” – Ravi

“Shaun is a speaker who talks from a place of comfort, he is enjoying his own manifestations and is able to open our eyes to what is ours to achieve for ourselves.” – Shawn

“I love the personal anecdotes! Shaun is very entertaining but also showed me how to handle real-life by thinking deliberately…” – Carrie

“Us guys have a difficult time articulating our emotions without feeling a little on the ‘wimpy’ side. Thanks for being a man who isn’t afraid of his emotions, for speaking to our team today, and your daily reminders on social media. I assure you it doesn’t go unnoticed.” – Neil

“The energy of this speaker was awesome.” – Calvin

“I appreciated the safe space to have such conversation…” – Nadine

“Shaun helped me understand the simplicity of this thought revolution I keep hearing about and gave me meaningful tools I am taking away to use in my own life.” – Aquil

“A life-changing experience.” – Mark 

Toronto Dundas Square Speech Image: Rob Barnes