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The Basics:

Since my interview with Oprah Winfrey for The Shaun Proulx Show, the one question I’m now constantly asked is: how did you do that?

People aren’t asking ‘how’ because they’d like to interview Oprah too – they ask because of the one thing I know is true for me, for them, for you:

You want to make YOUR dreams come true.

They do, I do, you do. Interviewing Oprah was a massive dream of mine. A major dream. MAJOR. 

And I know you have major dreams of your own.

In this new presentation, I’m going to give you the actionable wisdom I used to accomplish my dream so that you can make your dreams come true too.

Join me for an inspiring and information-packed  live webinar that will give you practical steps to move you away from self-doubt and fear to feeling confident, inspired and empowered.

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