Get Real: Your Personal Power Is Real

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If you saw me slightly verklempt in a recent video I posted on social media, you know that one of the fondest dreams I’ve ever had is set to become a reality.

I look forward to being able to share details with you very soon. (Oprah would call it a full circle moment.) But already I can declare that 2015 is my best year ever and I hope the same for you.

In this new video below I discuss two simple and fun (one verged on obnoxiously fun) ways in which I recently switched up two powerful practices I use daily. The doing has let me be a stronger match to what I desire; manifestations are appearing in my experience more quickly than ever.

I got an email this morning from someone I respect suggesting that our personal power isn’t all we need to achieve our desires (they had something to sell: the missing link), a wildly false premise which inspired me to rant a bit in the video and explain the off-ness of it.

When I was done the below was waiting in my inbox like an affirmation from the Universe – and I could only laugh:


Success lies in getting real with the fact that your personal power is real. >Tweet this!

Success lies in learning to utilize your power so well – and have so much fun doing it – that before you know it you’re having your best year ever, just 50 days in.

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