The Pursuit Of Your Dreams

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Each week I visit Canada Now hosted by Jeff Sammut on Sirius XM Canada Talks and we get talking about a #ThoughtRevolution. Jeff is a fun, open-hearted and receptive host and our on-air time together has become one of my favourite times of the week.

Last week, we got to talking about one of my favourite things in life: the pursuit of your dreams. I shared with him how you can figure out what it is you want to do if you are looking to make changes to your career, why I think millennials have got it right (even though they can annoy the crap out of the rest of us) and why you must put joy first. I also announced a new contest for Canadians that can send you and a guest to see the inspiring new movie, The Greatest Showman, starring Hugh Jackman and Michelle Williams. Click here for more, and to enter to win, and listen to my chat with Jeff, below:

2017: Year Of The Woman

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I am woman, hear me roar / In numbers too big to ignore / And I know too much to go back and pretend / ‘Cause I’ve heard it all before / And I’ve been down there on the floor / No one’s ever gonna keep me down again. – Helen Reddy’s #1 Grammy-winning song, “I Am Woman.”

Forty-five years later, those feminist lyrics from 1972  are flagrantly apropos as we near the end of 2017: Year Of The Woman. (The video above is a wonderful reminder / history lesson.)

The scales are tipping seismically. After protests and arrests, Saudi Arabian women can start their engines now that it’s finally legal for them to drive. In droves, women in entertainment are naming names about the abuse and harassment they’ve endured, inspiring positive change in workplaces globally. And the number one action movie champ this year? Wonder Woman, with director Patty Jenkins now the highest paid director in history;  just this past week Gal Gadot has stated she will only play ‘Wonder Woman’ in the sequel if producer Brett Ratner, who is accused of sexual misconduct, is completely removed from the franchise.

This is herstory in the making. And when hundreds of thousands of women gathered in Washington DC – a female counterinauguration after President Trump took his office January 20th – countless more women and their supporters rallied with them across the world.

We are witnessing an ascension, and will continue to, as long pent up female discord is unleashed.

But why now? What played catalyst to the meteoric rise of female dominance now underway? Read More

Meridian-Tapping (Lifted Me Out And Up)

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There is a renowned Canadian artist and sculptor called Dawn MacNutt based in Nova Scotia who creates work about the beauty of human frailty. Nearly two decades ago, in Dawn’s gallery, I fell for a dramatic nobel piece she called “Lydia.”

I had only wandered into her gallery to kill a bit of time, out on a stroll, about to collect my things from my hotel and head to Halifax airport.

I was eyeballing Lydia hard, but didn’t have my wallet, nor did I have time to get it and come back.

“Take Lydia home with you,” Dawn said, offhandedly. “Send me a cheque from Toronto when you can.”

So I did.

But before I accepted her open-hearted offer, I asked her why she totally trusted me, a stranger.

“I have no reason not to,” she told me. “Why start anywhere else?”

I have never forgotten that. It remains a moment of impact in my life.

We get to choose who we want to be, and in that hot minute I felt permission rise in me to allow a part of Who I Am to take it’s rightful place, the part that says: I will trust you first, always.  I will believe you first, always. Until I have reason not to.

This past July, I lost reason to believe and trust in someone I treasured mightily. The pain of ending my relationship with them actually felt not like a breakup, but like they had suddenly died; I’ve not know feelings like that before, condont-sharp, biting into me when I least expected. Read More

Carrie Fisher’s Decorating Tips

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Treasures from the home of the late great Carrie Fisher were sold at auction September 24rd, with partial proceeds benefitting mental health charities.

Fisher’s brash authenticity, one of the myriad reasons why she was so beloved – didn’t just shine on-screen or in the books she wrote – it radiated throughout her Hacienda-style Beverly Hills home, a couple miles away from where I’m stationed in Los Angeles writing this.

To be inside her house was to celebrate Fisher’s realness. As we prepare to cocoon in coming weeks, these are some easy-breezy Fisher-inspired decor tips to make your nest more authentically YOU,  inspired from the edge, by a woman in a galaxy far, far away:

Tip #1: Who Lives Here? When someone enters your home can they tell immediately it’s “you” (or you and your partner / family?) Anyone can put up a good taste facade with ticky-tacky knick-knacks from a big box decor store – but don’t YOU want to shine through? Fisher loved the colour purple and used it abundantly. Maybe not your taste, nor is it necessarily mine (though purple is my favourite colour) but it was Fisher’s liking, so she did it, adding in bright vivid blues, and cloud wallpaper on her bedroom ceiling. (My home office is orange with brown trim because I like pretending I work inside an Hermes box.)

Tip #2: Tell A Story. Being in Fisher’s home was like being in her head. A huge Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra head – actually a garish ungodly coffee mug – sat on a silver platter. (Get it? Taylor famously stole Fisher’s’ father away from Debbie Reynolds and that Fisher had the home-wrecker’s “head on a platter” is twisted and I love it.)

What life story exists in  your home? When I was a little boy I wanted to play with Barbie’s so badly and now at last I can: I have vintage Barbies – including Midge! – a Joan Collins Barbie, Barbie coffee table books, and, my prized possessions:  two signed original Barbie fashion sketches I  get to wake up to every morning  – bonus  fun when a gentleman caller notices our boom boom is happening as Barbies watch.

Tip #3: Break The Rules. Clearly someone who didn’t give a rat’s ass about being in a home decor magazine ever – or about snoozefest buzzwords like  “harmony” or “colour trends” – Fisher left her Christmas tree up all year long, and I’m taking a cue from that when I get back from the west coast. Eleven months of the year I store exquisite Christmas tree balls, totally forgotten. Some are retro 1950’s, other’s are one-of-a-kind artisan, while others don’t actually even scream Christmas but are beautiful. Those are coming out of hiding and are perfect to place in three see-through silver mesh baskets I purchased this summer. Thanks Carrie; I was waiting for inspiration. I love the spirit and meaning of Christmas and will now happily imbue my home with it all year long, as you did.

Tip: #4 – Got A staircase? The staircase chez Fisher has painted on each step the words from part of a poem. You may not chose to share maudlin text about the damage a parent can do to a child on your stairs – Fisher did – but a staircase is ripe with potential. If I had one I’d have painted  “Thank you” in gold cursive on mine, to remind myself to keep it grateful, whether I’m on my way up or down.

Tip: #5  Self-Shrine. “Princess Leia” had Leia pez dispensers, oil paintings, Leia Lego, on display everywhere. (She did so as wry reminder that Star Wars‘ George Lucas owned her likeness: “Every time I look in the mirror I have to pay him a couple of bucks.”) We may not all have our own action figures – okay, I actually do…  but you can too!  Looking extra hot?  Love your pets to pieces? Are your kids athletes? Dancers?  3D printing is a creative miracle that reproduces a captured moment in 3D in any size. Arrive home to find you…. greeting you!

Tip #6: Display “Ugly.” Fisher collected paintings of ugly children (though she sadly never saw the ugly child painting her family had purchased and hung for her in her living room last Christmas) which means she had a lot of “ugly” art. I know many gay men who own or love a particular pieces of provocative homoerotic art, yet take it down when company comes, or don’t buy anything they love because “what would people think?”

But as Fisher teaches us – about decorating and plain old living –  life is too short to care. Our home is our sanctuary, a primal place, and hers was a tribute to her life which she revelled in unapologetically – as we should all do ours – with each meal she had in her home, each step she took through it, and every time she laid her head down, under dreamy cloud wallpaper, embraced by purple walls, to sleep.

Fashion Santa’s #SummerOfYes

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Image Copyright: Shaun Proulx Media, Inc.

Only 151 days until Christmas! I sat down Monday afternoon in the SiriusXM Canada studios to tape an exclusive interview with Fashion Santa – aka Canadian supermodel Paul Mason – for The Shaun Proulx Show.

Paul’s storied three decade career, after being discovered at Ryerson University, has seen him walk the runways of Paris, Tokyo, New York City, London and Milan for the likes Versace, Armani, Dolce & Gabanna, and Dior. His image has been used by these labels and many others in countless fashion campaigns since the 1980’s.

And then he grew a beard and his career really took off. Inspired by his intriguing new image, Paul dreamed up a character called “Fashion Santa”, pitching it to several retailers, ultimately working with the upscale Toronto mall Yorkdale during the 2014 holiday season.


Paul’s genius creation, an elegant and luxurious take on the jolly old elf took – took the world by storm. Mason, posing for selfies with fans and Canadian shoppers as Fashion Santa, became a global viral sensation, garnering over 2 billion impression – even Justin Bieber had to have a selfie with Mason.

That Christmas, Fashion Santa broke the Internet.

Then, Yorkdale hired a new Santa. International gossip outlets the likes of TMZ were all over the switcheroo; Mason learned he was out when a reporter came knocking on his door.

So… now what?

Last week here on we touched on the idea of embracing – saying yes to – the “unwanted” things that are happening to you – and that always will – that you are saying “no” to. Saying yes even to the unwanted is the only way out of the unwanted.  When you go downstream you go where the solutions are, the rendezvous, the ideas and inspiration are waiting.

Like Paul is right now, I learned, this #SummerOfYes. Listen to my exclusive chat with him, and hear the story behind how Fashion Santa came to be, how that world-famous beard even happened (it’s such a divine story) and why Bieber grabbed the cell-phone away from Mason during their selfie shoot.

Plus, Paul shares what the experience of being grinched out of a role he created has been like like, and how he’s saying YES to it all – anyway. Read More

#SummerOfYes – Means Saying No

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Oh the places we go in this #SummerOfYes. You can glean wonderful experiences and even transform who you are, if you dare say that one magical word more often, as I detailed last week.

But did you know that of the most powerful ways to say yes is to use the word no?

Yesterday morning, a gal pal invited me to an after-work party. I said yes, but texted at lunchtime that I didn’t feel up for it. The idea of the cacaphonic energy of a lot of people literally felt repellant.

My aggressive friend told me to get pretty and she’d pick me up at 5:30 sharp. Read More


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#SummerOfYes was an exercise in self-care I came up with on a dog walk three years ago,  to help put more balance into my life. Fun and excitement and joie de vivre had disappeared from it, after constantly tending to and caring for my media business in its earlier years. Saying no to great opportunities and experiences along the way, so to work long hours on my business goals, meant other important things – expansion, a good time, a day off – had not been given any love, or sometimes even happened.

To dial up the volume, I decided that every time an opportunity or person or experience came my way in July and August, I’d say yes to it. Even if it was out of my comfort zone (naked camping with 300 gay men,) I’d say yes. Who knows where all of it would lead?

Not only did I learn how to stand around butt naked, with a cup of coffee chit-chatting causally, all without burning my dangly bits, that summer was the best one of my life, with touchstones along the way that wove deep personal value and meaning into the season, and that year marked the beginning of a friendship with someone I value very much.


#SummerOfYes makes the cover of Tuesday’s 24 Hours in Vancouver and Toronto! YES!

Now that the sun is finally here, It’s time to say yes once again. Here’s why “yes” is powerful. Read More

How To Make Celebrating Being Canadian (Or Anything You Celebrate) Richer

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Oh Canada! I’ve been asking Canadians to share why being Canadian is cool, all this week.

Pop Quiz: Is this Saturday, July 1, 2017 Canada’s 150th birthday?

Sorry, did you say “yes?” Wrong!

Our sesquicentennial – a sesquicentennial is the 150th anniversary of a significant event – is a phenomenon Canada is now talking about more than the US talks about President Trump. This Saturday we celebrate the anniversary of Confederation, which took place in Prince Edward Island in 1867.

Lucky guy that I am, I’ve met a lot of Canadians this week who have told me why they think it’s cool to be so. (And if you’re not Canadian, read on: what I’m about to say has meaning that’s borderless.) Read More

#ThoughtRevolution Seminar – In Person Toronto July 29th!

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It’s been too long since I’ve done a live #ThoughtRevolution seminar, so I’m thrilled to be part of the brand new Strut Social Seminar Series, which gives us the opportunity to talk live about the #ThoughtRevolution you’re wanting in your life and how to make it happen.
Starting at 10 am on July 29th in Toronto you’ll get a deeper understanding of what a #ThoughtRevolution is, and then we’ll get to work in starting your life-enhancing #ThoughtRevolution that very day.
 I can’t wait to see and work with you July 29th!

How To Honour The Orlando Tragedy

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Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida still remains closed, a crime scene since 29-year old Omar Mateen killed 49 people and wounded 58 others in a terrorist attack / hate crime that shocked the world a year ago today. It was the deadliest mass shooting by a single shooter, the deadliest violence against LGBT people in the history of the United States, and the deadliest attacks there since 9/11.

The clean white building in which Mateen killed mostly young people dancing was painted black immediately, and it now appears dense and repellant. When I was outside the nightclub the weekend before last to tape a video promoting a special episode of my SiriusXM talk show commemorating the first year, it raining heavily,  for the first time in months in Orlando. To stand outside the walled off murder scene, wet in the wet, surrounded by heartbreakingly endless tributes, was unnerving enought that I couldn’t remember while speaking to camera the number 49.

Read More

Don’t Let Illness Define Your Life (Take My 30 Day Re-Focus Challenge)

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Mental Health Awareness Week here in Canada (south of the border gets a whole month; go figure) means continued discussion about a once-hidden type of illness that takes it’s toll on countless people.

But is there such a thing as too much awareness and talk? Thanks to wonderful initiatives like Bell Canada’s Let’s Talk, many who once felt stigmatized are out of the closet, their courage helping to improve understanding and lead others to seek help.

But there’s owning your illness – and there’s your illness owing you.

You cannot heal a wound you keep picking at. I’ve seen anecdotal evidence for years of the thin line between illness-control and illness-controlling in some HIV-positive people, for example, who give their diagnosis incredible attention. They go to weekly HIV coffee klatches, read about HIV, chat online about HIV, attend event HIV- related events (I even know someone who adds  “HIV+” to his signature); HIV literally becomes them and they seem to be constantly tired or sick.

“Your biography becomes your biology,” the medical intuitive and Ph.D Caroline Myss writes in her 1997 book, Anatomy Of The Spirit, and this concept appeared true of my friend Raquel, as I watched her re-write her bio, following a general anxiety disorder and depression diagnosis.

I wondered how long it would be until Raquel’s illness was Raquel. Her social posts were almost exclusively about being sick. She even started a Facebook page and a YouTube channel; there was a hashtag. She spoke in the possessive form: “my sickness,” like it was a third limb and not a current circumstance, and she had eloquent descriptions ready of how her anxiety and depression felt, thought-out analogies, clearly oft-repeated. My vivacious, uplifting Pride-stage-hosting electronic-music-scene-fixture had left life’s dance floor; I did not know this replacement, expertly sick Raquel. Read More

Right Time Right Place

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Greetings from London, my favourite city in the world. I’m here for a week speaking, writing, catching up with friends and family, and, on Saturday, attending a 50th birthday party.

Do you remember the 1998 movie about a London woman’s love life called Sliding Doors? It starred Gwyneth Paltrow as PR rep Helen, who gets fired from her job and leaves to catch a train home. Before she can step into her car, the doors slide shut in her face, and we then saw how Helen’s life played out because of missing that train. The movie also showed an parralel version of Helen’s life, had she caught the train as planned.

The two versions of Helen’s life are dramatically different – all because of mere seconds in timing.

Most of us don’t appreciate this divine timing as much as we ought to; what are missed elevators, flight delays, forgotten errands, cancelled brunches, early guests, anyway, but minor-to-major annoyances?

Divine timing is so much more than that. All day, every day, each of us are at the right time, in the right place – always. Oh we might acquiesce to the false premises of man-made concepts – time, schedules, agendas – about how we “think” life ought to unfold, but the Universe, which knows our every desire, and has the power to make them so, seldom gets enough credit. We get riled by life’s sliding doors, rather than say thank you for keeping us where we are meant to be.

Like the time I forgot my bathing suit.

In the #ThoughtRevolution video below, watch how one of my fondest desires came to be, even though I was frustrated and wound up because the day wasn’t beginning as planned. Read More

Your Great Big Fat Detox

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Credit: David Sipress, The New Yorker

I detox every year at this time. A detox is commonly known as abstaining for a period of time from unhealthy foods, beverages, and other vices. When you give your body a break from dealing with a daily infusion of fresh toxins, it gets to focus on eliminating build-up.

But we can also add to the successful results of a common detox by detoxing from energy vampires, entertainment, media, and even the thoughts we think, especially at a time when so many millions have heavy hearts and minds.

The following detoxifications* can give your body, mind, and spirit renewal and repair, and support a return to sharp focus, strength, clarity, and newfound positive perspective you many not have realized you were missing. Read More

Skinny Dipping (Your Choice Point Is Now Even Naked)

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Lots of us were naked, lots of us were skinny dipping, two of us came back to the beach to find that the worst thing that could happen to anyone had.

Today’s #ThoughtRevolution is about how your choice point is always now – even naked – about how you react to circumstances, but also what amazing things happen when you keep your alignment. 

Have a look and please share it with anyone you know who might react to life the way I once did.


PS: Did you see last week’s Your Miracle Is Coming video? Congrats to Chicago #ThoughtRevolution subscriber Karen Griffard Putz who replied back to last week’s #ThoughtRevolution email that her miracle arrived – her book has been picked up by a publisher! Triple-love this Karen and congratulations!

PPS: The Shaun Proulx Paradise Plane 2017 leaves super-early Saturday morning for Riviera Maya and I must give Saks Fifth Avenue a loving shout-out for gifting each of our adventurers with gorgeous cashmere blankets. It’s not soft if it’s not cashmere – thank you Saks! XO

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Miracles Never Cease

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Miracles never cease: Tropical rainforest covers much of Kauai, part of the Hawaiian archipelago, and one of many miracles within the Central Pacific.

“Will miracles ever cease?”

When I was a boy, that rhetorical question escaped my mother’s lips fairly often – usually after I did something my poor mum had asked twelve times of me already before I exasperatedly caved; tidy my room, set the dinner table, or some similarly loathsome task that was interrupting The Brady Bunch.

I thought of my mother and Will miracles ever cease? over the holidays when I realized that the answer to that question is an fat, unfailing NO.

Miracles never cease. 

I know 2016 was tough for many. Millions have entered 2017 weary, heavy-hearted, anxious, afraid, wanting some hope.

May the video below offer that to you – or to someone you know who needs it. Read More

Holiday Wallpaper

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Happy Holidays! I wish you joy – may your 2017 be filled with life-changing #ThoughtRevolutions.

Each year when we share our annual holiday card, I end up receiving so many compliments – though kudos need to go to our graphic artist Ajay Thapa – so this year we asked Ajay to make our 2014, 2015, and 2016 into downloadable wallpaper.

You’ll find a download button beneath each one:

– for GOOGLE WEB BROWSER users, it will automatically download the file onto your computer when you click the button, then install as you would any other wallpaper

– for SAFARI WEB BROWSER users, a new window will open when you click download, simply drag and drop the image to your desktop, then install as you would any other wallpaper










How To Trump Trump

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You can still feel a quiet aftermath energy as the world digests that Donald Trump is President elect. While millions celebrate and even gloat, many are shocked and feel disgust, while others are in pain, worried or even scared.

If this sounds like you, there’s an attitudinal approach you can take to help you feel ease, and to flow with this news with less stress and anxiety. Read More

Re-Boot You, Boo

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Is It Spring Yet?

This Sunday clocks go back an hour, a groan-inducer for those who feel varying negative effects from the change to their circadian rhythm.

The unsyncing of our natural cycle – our 24-hour rhythms are also found in animals, plants, fungi and even cyanobacteria – kicks off for many poor sleep, low energy, hunger, malaise and mood swings, making right now prime time to activate some dark season harm reduction using simple re-boots: Read More

Healthy Minds

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I’m honoured to host The 11th Annual Silver Dinner Gala this coming Wednesday at The Ritz-Carlton in Toronto, benefitting Healthy Minds Canada

Billy Baldwin and Chynna Phillips are set to keynote at this special evening, sharing how mental illness and addiction have played a role in their lives and the lives of their iconic Hollywood families.

On this weekend’s Shaun Proulx Show I speak to Chynna & Billy at length – but as a #ThoughtRevolution exclusive you can hear it first:

You can also bid right now on images of notable Canadians, all shot by the brilliant Kevin Allwood, along with one-of-a-kind experiences like working out with Olympian Jennifer Botterill, getting advice on hockey and life from Tie Domi, a how-to on planning the perfect PR strategy by guru Deb McCain, “Eat, Pray, Create” with Mary Jo, Liz and Dee Dee Eustace, or score a #ThoughtRevolution personal or business coaching session with yours truly -and more – by clicking here.


PS: If you enjoy my conversation with Chynna & Billy, consider buying an All-Access Pass, which gives you complete access to every season of #ThoughtRevolution radio here.

The Only Answer To Hate

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To try to label the hate displayed Sunday in Orlando, or to attempt to pinpoint origins creates confusion and delays solution. Be it LGBT hate, ISIS hate, homeschooled hate, church hate, self hate or any other hate, all hate is hate and can only be transformed with love.  >Tweet this!

Love energy vibrates at a frequency far greater than that of hate. If you magnify energy, it looks like waves, and those waves are measured in Hertz (Hz), the number of waves per second. When we love we emit high vibrations (.10 – .15 Hz); we literally add voltage and power to the world. When we hate, our vibrational offering is weak: .01 – .08 Hz. Read More

Summer Of Yes

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Blog Update! I announced I’m making this summer another #SummerOfYes earlier this month in my Spirit & The City column. Join in and share on social media what you are saying YES to this summer by using #SummerOfYes on Twitter, and joining us on Facebook and Google+.


August 5, 2014 Read More

The Donald Trump Litmus Test

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While the rise of Donald Trump feels to millions like a terrifying moment in American politics, there are many ways in which The Donald Trump Experience offers some positives:

–  Donald Trump is making non-Republicans work harder.
–  Donald Trump is causing conversation and debate about important issues.
–  Donald Trump  is creating inspiring solidarity amongst cultures within America.

Still, millions of people feel stark raving mad over Donald Trump.

Are you one of them? If Donald Trump is causing you conniptions, is causing you to leave your alignment, it means that Read More

The Joy Of Being Human

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From Marianne Williamson, A Return To Love

Last week a blog post I wrote for SiriusXM Canada Talks, where I host The Shaun Proulx Show, upset some of the people who did not understand it.

There were many. The post blew up on social media and so too did much negative emotion, aimed in my direction and at my family.

In the days that followed I was called names like misogynistic and transphobic (some of the politer slams); wrath came from every direction. Read More

How To Know What To Do With Your Life

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“How do I know what to do with my life?”

That’s a BIG question I get asked over and over.

In order to know what to do with your life, you have to first know one key thing: You are not looking for a “new, better job”, you are not looking for a “fresh start”, you are not looking for a “life makeover”.

You are looking for a feeling. Read More

Get Real: Your Personal Power Is Real

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If you saw me slightly verklempt in a recent video I posted on social media, you know that one of the fondest dreams I’ve ever had is set to become a reality.

I look forward to being able to share details with you very soon. (Oprah would call it a full circle moment.) But already I can declare that 2015 is my best year ever and I hope the same for you.

In this new video below I discuss two simple and fun (one verged on obnoxiously fun) ways in which I recently switched up two powerful practices I use daily. The doing has let me be a stronger match to what I desire; manifestations are appearing in my experience more quickly than ever.

Read More

A Lesson In Luxury

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Let’s talk luxury.

Do you love luxury?

I love luxury. >Tweet this!

I learned on a phone call with a new friend last night this fact is pretty apparent.

He phoned right after my husband and I had just enjoyed a homemade lavender steam treatment for our scratchy throats (lavender is anti-fungal, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory).

My friend seemed to take delight in the fact Patrick and I were enjoying such a thing together, that I was all Mr. Lavender Oil to begin with.

“I like my creature comforts,” I told him.

“I’m beginning to notice that,” he said.

I am glad to know I put that vibe out; luxury increases self-value – that’s a highly powerful thing. Read More

HIV Divorce

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With another World AIDS Day capturing global attention, I remember the Friday morning last summer when I told Matt Galloway live on CBC radio I am HIV-positive.

A nightmare. As I went to disclose – aloud for the first time publicly – my mouth dried, my mind blanked, my throat seized. It was stage fright so acute I literally forced myself not to flee, live radio be damned.

I don’t do stage fright. I speak live in front of thousands of people, and I host a weekly talk show heard across North America. And I’m a writer. Words are my friend.

Not that day. I suppose from staying silent for eight years about my status, my words didn’t come when I needed them most. Read More

Manifesting (5 MORE Words To Change Your Life)

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We received so much great feedback from 5 Words To Change Your Life here are 5 MORE words to change your life – especially when it comes to manifesting.

But first let me ask you a question: When you think “manifesting” – what do you think? Do you think manifesting is attracting the dream home, the glamorous vacation, the money, the man, the car, the lead in the next production of Riverdance?

If you think manifesting means attracting things to you (most do), you are off base – just enough to make a difference when you want be a deliberate creator in your own life. >Tweet this!

So that’s why I begin with this new episode of #ThoughtRevolution by clarifying what manifesting really is. Read More

What To Do When Things Ghomeshi

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The recent headlines around Jian Ghomeshi, which have caused outrage, discomfort, mistrust, and, of course, teeshirts, dovetail with what I intended to express this week: Tending to how you feel – your alignment – should always be your number one priority. >Tweet this! I explain why this is so in the video below – alignment no matter what.

Even if you are furious because your favourite radio host was fired. Even if you can’t abide by victim blaming. Even if your back goes up when some feminists attacked Ghomeshi before a word from his accusers had even surfaced. Even if rape culture enrages you. Even if all you want to do is cry “prove it!” from the rooftops. Even if BDSM is your thing and you feel it has been unjustly tainted by Ghomeshi’s crisis management team getting ahead of the story. Even if all this triggers things that once happened to you.

Don’t use any of it as your current excuse to vacate your place of empowerment. That’s where the solutions to everything that irks/frustrates/enrages you about this messy Ghomeshi stuff comes from. You want to really make a difference, no matter your stance in this? Stay in alignment. Alignment is where you find the words that express how you truly feel. The people with whom you could meet and make a difference. The inspiration, the conversation, the expansion… all of it depends on you staying in alignment – no  matter what.

Ever written an email when you are livid? Sent it? How did that work out, that out-of-alignment missive? Ever tried to look for a lost item when you feel rushed? How quickly did you find it? Ever tried to win an argument when the other side was trying to win the same argument? Who won?

That’s why you want to always nurture how you feel, your alignment. Because how you feel is your point of attraction. >Tweet this! When things Ghomeshi and you use things going messy as your justification to be out of alignment – he doesn’t suffer, she doesn’t suffer, they don’t suffer – YOU and your point of attraction suffers. You are not en pointe, you don’t have access to that which serves you and those around you, and certainly any solutions and rendezvous and circumstances you desire are nowhere near your orbit. (You might, like me, if you get too caught up in the Ghomeshi, even fight with your spouse.)

Yep, things went messy for me – a couple of times – since my last post. Read More

5 Words To Change Your Life

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Today I’d like to share with you five words that will change your life.

You get the life you think about, talk about, and often when I say that in speeches or coaching I can tell that in some people resistance starts to build. (That’s fancy for: “I can tell people want to smack me on the head.”)

And I understand. There’s nothing worse when you aren’t feeling well than to have someone say “tell a different story!”. There’s nothing worse when you’re not sure how all the bills are going to get paid than to have someone say, “it’s because you keep thinking you have no money!”.

The bad news is, you are where you are on any subject in life because of the thoughts you have been having. Keep thinking those thoughts and get the same result.

So to change your life, you have to begin to tell a different story. It’s the only choice you have. >Tweet this! (In the video, I explain why.)

The good news is – and this is for all the naysayers out there who think Law of Attraction means wishful thinking – you don’t have to tell a b*llshit wishful thinking story in order to change your life.

The video below explains why this is so, and gives you the five words that can change your life if you put them to work. I use them all the time. They are like an escape hatch when I’m stuck in a vortex of negative thinking about a subject; they are a booster shot when I’m moving in the direction I want but uncertainty creeps in; they are, best of all, five words that will help you tell a different, better, story without dialling up the BS factor which always backfires anyway.

Try out these five words to change your life >Tweet this! and let me know the ways in which you are able to achieve success using them. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below.

TOOL: Now that you know these five words, think about the subjects that matter most to you where you’d like positive change and pick one. How many ways can you now talk in and around that subject – talking with your thoughts, talking to others aloud – using these five words? Spend a day telling your improved story using these five words, then repeat the process on a new subject the next day. 

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30 Day Appreciation Challenge

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Great news! Our original 30-Day Appreciation Challenge was so beneficial to people, we are keeping it as a regular offering * here on 


Your every day should have you feeling like a powerful creator, with evidence appearing constantly confirming you are. >Tweet this!

The alternative is to live by default (as most do): sometimes things work out, sometimes not; life’s a roll of the dice.

The Law of Attraction says that you get what you think about, which is why at the very basis of you living deliberately (rather than by default) is a focus by you on things that make you feel appreciation. Every thought has a vibration. Put yourself in a high vibe mode by being appreciative and that becomes a new and improved set-point for Law of Attraction to respond to. Your life sees you receiving more experiences, more circumstances and more ‘things’ that match the essence of how you feel.

People talk about how long since they stopped smoking; I’ve been appreciating more than I’ve been complaining for 5,475 days! Since 1999 I have journaled a full page of appreciation each morning. I meditate. I tap. I have vision boards in my office with pictures on it that make me feel good. My screen-savers – same thing. My ring-tone on my phone is the theme song to Downton Abbey because I think “living large” every time I get a call. My husband and I draw into our conversation things we appreciate (today: “our timing is always so amazing – we just missed the downpour!”). We bless our food at dinner and offer thanks for moments / happenings from the day gone by, aloud. Each night before bed I open a second journal and list five to ten bullet points of things that were great that day. Rinse, repeat.

And it feels good to do it.

The result is – as I say often – I have become the happiest guy I know. Period. I fall off the wagon – you are meant to – but it is nothing to get back on when you have maintained a momentum of positive focus. Because when you start focusing on all the good there is around you, guess what? More good shows up. The blips are zip.

Appreciation is the one thing I know that works – it never lets you down – and I’ll be damned (my prideful, ambitious ego talking now) if I’m going to be so silly as to waste my life fingers-crossed, working to the bone, hoping to get lucky and receive the life I want.

Appreciation isn’t airy-fairy stuff, it’s just smart.

Try it for yourself by adding what YOU appreciate in your life to all those already listed below. Do it for 30 days and watch what happens.

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False Premises About Pursuing Your Dreams

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I am most often asked: how did you quit a successful career to begin pursuing your dreams? People are drawn to wanting to knowing more about giving up what doesn’t feel right – even when that includes a six figure income, home ownership, security and identity – to go after your true desires.

Each of us loves the idea of being happier – a primary source of great unhappiness though is denying yourself the right to be pursuing your dreams. Changing the beliefs you have that are holding you back are key. Watch this video for my guidance and begin to change your limiting beliefs today. In it, I dissect some commonly held flawed premises about what happens when you pursue your dreams. The tool below will help you dismantle limiting beliefs you hold, one by one.

TOOL: A belief is just a thought you keep thinking. Write down one old habit of thought and then re-write it in a way that makes you feel better. For example: “I have to work hard for everything I have” could be an old thought that can also be accurately thought as, “I like the idea of things working out easily for me”. Begin repeating your new belief as often as you can to yourself until that becomes the new dominant thought you keep thinking on that subject. Then choose another old habit of thought about another subject and re-work it. Incremental shifts such as these always yield benefits that you’ll notice quickly.

Why I Left Facebook

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This post is about why I left Facebook. I deleted my Facebook timeline, where I had about 3,000 Facebook “friends” – people I know, many I’ve never met – all of whom post their thoughts, ideas, feelings, images, videos, and sometimes private messaged me.

Read More

The Truth About Courage (Courage Isn’t What You Think!)

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Last week my friend Erin Trafford, a news anchor on Global Television in Halifax, gave me a shout out in her fun DIY blog for my courage. It was a flattering surprise and I appreciate it.

My understanding of courage (as a person who has been called courageous over the years, be it for my recent HIV-disclosure, or quitting my lucrative job in finance so long ago, or just always going for my dreams and goals) contradicts the false premise within many people’s understanding of what courage really is.

Most seem to pay the courage compliment with a sense of, “Wow, you’ve got something I wish I had.”

I have even been asked “where” I got my courage from. says courage is “the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc., without fear”.

This definition of courage isn’t true for me. Courage is not something you own, that you tap into, or access. It isn’t something you are born with.

And it certainly comes with fear.
Read More

The Art Of Going For It

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Pursuing your dreams is an art,  the art of going for it. I say this as a guy who quit a lucrative finance career to pursue his passions, as a guy who does a lot of speaking, workshops and coaching on what often sounds so simple: being happy and the art of going for it.

I have come to understand deeply the adage that it is more important to make a life than it is a living; I don’t think you ever want to work anywhere you aren’t perfectly fine with getting fired from.

We humans were not born to “work”, despite what we humans have been told and therefore believe. We were born to fulfill our potential for joy.

Tweetable: We were not born to work, we were born to fulfill our potential for joy.

Unfortunately for most, that kind of joy isn’t intrinsic to our working lives.

The idea that happiness can be derived from selling your work and time to someone – whether an individual or a corporation – is so full of false premises it would take thousands of words to untangle them all.

Maybe it is the collective societal delusion many are under that has given way to a society now dependant on antidepressants and therapy.

Perhaps. What I know for sure though is you get to lead a great big life when tune out the peanut gallery and do what your heart wants you to do. It is so important to define yourself on your own terms.

This is what I call the art of going for it.

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Begin With Yes

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Because I know we live is a yes-based world, I am a firm believer in the word yes. So much so I have the word YES on my front door so that whenever I leave out into the world I can be reminded to be ‘yes’, to go with the flow, to swim downstream with whatever presents itself outside my door.

Tweetable: “We live in a yes-based world”.

(This does not mean say yes to things you obviously must say no to. Saying no to another person is a yes for yourself.) Read More


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I love using the word ‘alignment’ to describe the state of being you want to try and maintain as you go about your life. You know you are in alignment because you feel fantastic, you feel frisky, you feel joyful, you feel optimistic, you see the world through the eyes of wonder (without being a Pollyanna). Conversely, you know when you are not aligned because you feel negative emotions like rage, or you feel frustration, you feel anger, you feel depressed, you’re grumpy, you want to shoot someone in the head. Your emotions let you know in any given moment whether you are or aren’t aligned, and it’s the thoughts you are having that will either provide you with improved emotions or worsened.

As I write this, I am not aligned. My husband has been under the weather for two sleepless nights and my dog has aided the issue with constant barking at nothing. No sleep = pissy Shaun. Read More

World AIDS Day 2013 :: The Shaun Proulx Show

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Welcome to my World AIDS Day 2013 special, sponsored by AbbVie. After my recent public HIV disclosure on the CBC, people from all walks of life responded, mostly positively, several negatively – all of which I appreciate.

In my interactive 2013 World AIDS Day Special below, my disclosure live on The CBC then dovetails with a candid conversation with long-time HIV survivor, activist Albert McNutt, from Truro Nova Scotia, and myself. I was so inspired by how Albert never let an ailment define who he is, and how he has never allowed himself to create a victimized frame of mind. Albert shares what it was like to be diagnosed HIV-positive – while married with two children – and how he nearly lost his mind, back in the 1980’s, when HIV/AIDS was a death sentence. Read More

#ThoughtRevlution Begins :: Full HIV Disclosure

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Shaun Proulx HIV Disclosure

HIV DISCLOSURE :: In 2005 I tested positive for the virus that can cause AIDS; my doctor estimated I’d been infected around 1999.

I made the decision to keep this information private, with the exception of intimate relationships. Given my public career, I wanted to avoid the label of “HIV-positive media guy”; even my mother, brothers, family and best friends didn’t know my status.

But over time, things you keep private can begin to bear the weight of a secret. As my team and I spent this summer working on the AIDS Walk, I began to realize that if I shared my story instead of keeping it to myself, I could help others understand something valuable that I have grown to know deeply: Read More