The #1 question I’m asked by friends, acquaintances and strangers:

“Can I pick your brain?”

I’m a very happy guy, who lives well by his own rules. People want in on that.

I’ve flown solo as a creative entrepreneur for over twelve years, and before that spent eight years in finance. That equals over 20 years of hard-earned ideas, experience, and wisdom. People want in on that, too.

Want to strategize, get my advice, figure out next steps, run ideas past me, confide and conspire? I’d love to. So I’ve created a service for you if you truly wants to access what’s in my head.

It’s called Pick My Brain – and people from as far away as Australia are taking advantage of it.

“I love Shaun’s clarity, vision, and no-nonsense approach. My session was quite inspirational and he gave me some practical ideas so I can move forward.” – Anna A, Massage Therapist

Pick My Brain is for you if you are dead serious about moving forward from where you are now; serious about creating real-life change.

Maybe you feel stuck-on-treadmill / can’t-see-forest / gonna-jump-off-ledge. Maybe you feel you have hit a business plateau or you can want to reinvent yourself as a person. Pick My Brain is for people who have come to realize that they can’t keep doing what they’re doing any more.

“Shaun’s gift is getting to the real heart of the matter. Once there, he helped me focus on what I need to to today to get me where I want to be tomorrow.” – Allison Dore, Comic

When you Pick My Brain, you’ll share in strict confidence what’s going on in your business life, in your personal life (or both) – and from there we’ll create next steps.

If you want to Pick My Brain, this is what you need to know:

  • Sessions take place over Skype and last sixty minutes.
  • Sessions are private and one-on-one; you get my full attention.
  • Be prepared to succinctly articulate what you don’t want – and what you do want as best you can.
  • You will receive the benefit of ideas, wisdom and intuition I’ve gleaned from 20+ years of experience in areas including in no particular order:

personal coaching

business development
building a business that is authentic to your heart
people management
taking risk
identifying true inner passion, 
print / radio / television / digital / social media
public relations
public speaking

        • Fee: $300 CDN payable in advance, via PayPal.
        • My office will contact you to schedule an appointment that suits your schedule upon receipt of payment.


“Shaun … gave me the gentle push I needed to finally move ahead on something I was putting off for fear of putting myself out there … He has propelled me forward in this area, faster than I anticipated. And all of this happened in such a way that I felt I was having a conversation with an old friend…a wiser, inspiring and motivational friend.” – Stacey B. Life Coach