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False Premises About Pursuing Your Dreams


I am most often asked: how did you quit a successful career to begin pursuing your dreams? People are drawn to wanting to knowing more about giving up what doesn’t feel right – even when that includes a six figure income, home ownership, security and identity – to go after your true desires.

Each of us loves the idea of being happier – a primary source of great unhappiness though is denying yourself the right to be pursuing your dreams. Changing the beliefs you have that are holding you back are key. Watch this video for my guidance and begin to change your limiting beliefs today. In it, I dissect some commonly held flawed premises about what happens when you pursue your dreams. The tool below will help you dismantle limiting beliefs you hold, one by one.

TOOL: A belief is just a thought you keep thinking. Write down one old habit of thought and then re-write it in a way that makes you feel better. For example: “I have to work hard for everything I have” could be an old thought that can also be accurately thought as, “I like the idea of things working out easily for me”. Begin repeating your new belief as often as you can to yourself until that becomes the new dominant thought you keep thinking on that subject. Then choose another old habit of thought about another subject and re-work it. Incremental shifts such as these always yield benefits that you’ll notice quickly. Signature-Shaun-2

Summer Of Yes



Greetings from my Summer of Yes.  After interviewing personal coach Paul Boynton at the top of the year about his book, Begin With Yes, that simple notion stuck with me – say yes more often – even though I’m a yes-based guy.  My radio show‘s programming has been dedicated #SummerOfYes, as we’ve brought guests on who are themselves saying big yeses, or who might help you and I say yes more to life.

I knew consciously saying yes more would equal more, but I couldn’t have expected the spirited magic I experienced last month, that resonates still as I write.

I’m a dog lover. If you follow me on Twitter you know that my copper American Cocker Spaniel Ella, rescued from a shelter when she was six months old, five years ago, has me wrapped around her wooly paw. Before Ella there was Jack, and there was also Chip, the German Shepard who used to chase cars, Patchie, and Chimo (I still have the picture of Chimo and I snuggling when I was five years old amongst some birthday gifts). (more…)


Why I Left Facebook



This post is about why I left Facebook.

I didn’t abandon the social networking site completely. I still maintain my official page, my show page, and the page for GGN, my digital magazine. But I deleted my Facebook timeline, where I had about 3,000 Facebook friends – people I know and many people I’ve never met – all of whom post their thoughts, ideas, feelings, images, videos, and private message.