How to make dreams come true - for imperfect people who don't think they qualify.


The secret to long-term happiness is to be happy today.


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The greatest gift I have received from following my dreams is freedom.


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The Secret To Long Term Happiness Is To Be Happy Today

If you want to achieve your desires, happy must be your #1 goal. A #ThoughtRevolution will get you there.


"Canada's gay Oprah."

− Huffington Post

"Shaun, I think I'm gonna call you whenever I need a little lifting up. I love you."

− Melissa Etheridge

"I have worked with many Emmy-winning personalities and Shaun Proulx has more fire, personality, and ebullient charisma than I have ever seen. Shaun is a powerful natural talent and his future is set among the stars."

− Bryant McGill, Best-selling Author & Speaker

"“Rather than presenting, Shaun had a conversation that connected with every member of the audience… grounded in bold reality, edging the audience towards discomfort – the hallmark of engagement and impact. Conversations continued for days where colleagues appreciation for what they described as an experience, versus simply another speaker.“"

− Neil Boutin, Corporate Client

"Shaun’s gift is getting to the real heart of the matter. Once there, he helped me focus on what I need to to today to get me where I want to be tomorrow."

− Allison Dore, Comic

"The Canadian Ellen."

− 97.5 News, Halifax

"Sometimes in life we meet people who are fearless and are able to just be who they are in any situation and that is Shaun. It is his personality and drive that has allowed him to achieve the success he has today. "

− Lisa Larter, International Business Guru



In sharing from his own life experiences every week, Shaun offers actionable wisdom from his personal, on-going #ThoughtRevolution to help you create and manage yours.



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About Shaun

Shaun Proulx lives well and by his own rules. He is a speaker, author, publisher, interviewer and radio and television host, passionate about creating a thought revolution about the limits we place on ourselves, and those around us. Called “a visionary entrepreneur” by The Toronto Star (2012), Shaun is the poster boy for creating success by your own design.

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