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I’m glad you’re here. I know if you’ve discovered this site it is because you’re attracting the information and ideas I like to speak and write about.

It is my intention that my work be an asset in your life. My desire is that the video, audio and writing I create and post here helps create an unwavering knowing with you that you can be, do, have anything you desire.

Those four words form my core belief. Daily the Universe shows me evidence that this is true – in ways that astonishes me – there is so much good that wants us!

I never stop appreciating knowing this, because years ago, the idea that I could be, do or have anything would have been incomprehensible.

To be blunt, I was a recipe for disaster by the time I was an adult. Growing up an obvious gay kid in a small farming community, I never fit in and was bullied for years. My alcoholic dad, with whom I had an emotionally tumultuous relationship, died in front of me just before I turned 17. I dropped out of high school soon after and moved to Toronto with no money, no self-esteem, no education and no plan.

I couldn’t have put it into words then, but now I know my reasoning was simply my instinct for freedom, to be in control of my life for the first time. Freedom, as I have come to understand is what we want most – it’s the basis of joy.

In trying to find personal freedom, I got myself into countless hot messes in the years of inauthentic living that followed. I entered unhealthy intimate relationships, I abused drugs, and I confused what I did for a living, who my friends were, how much I made and what material things I owned with true identity.

In my early 30s, a revelation began to unfold within me that I had life on backwards, especially when it came to how I defined success and happiness.

And from there I came to then learn that it was all on me; we are the creators of our own realities.

We are the stories we tell about ourselves. By using our thoughts deliberately we can create the lives we want.

Up until then, I was living by default, still letting life happen to me, despite my keen desire to be captain of my own ship.

That was a game-changer. Since then I have remained devoted to learning new ways to carve out a life that I will be proud of when all is said and done. It remains a process of unfolding still.

Meantime, I’ve become the happiest guy I know. I live an independent life beyond my fondest dreams, by my own rules, with abundance, prosperity and joy part of my daily experience. It’s like my own Hollywood ending, when I think back to where I’ve come from and where I am now. The best part is my eager anticipation for what’s ahead, now that I know what I know.

I’m love speaking freely about the good life, I love sharing my story, my ideas and insights, and most importantly, the tools that I use daily that help keep my momentum going. My desire is for my output to help you create authentic happiness and success.

I call it having a #ThoughtRevolution, and it’s not lip-service, it’s a lifestyle. You have to start your own #ThoughtRevolution about the subjects that are most important to you. Old habits of thought lead only to more of the same result. My whole life improved for the better – and continues to blossom – by being deliberate in my thinking. If I can do it, anyone can! I invite you to meet me here regularly and to use my content as inspiration and guidance to start a #ThoughtRevolution of your very own:

READ – I update my blog regularly. I share experiences, insights, ideas and tools you can apply to your own journey.

LISTEN – Each week on my SiriusXM talk show I explore the concept of success and happiness with a wide variety of guests ranging from celebrities to newsmakers to the everyman. After the original broadcast, the episode is posted here for you to listen any time, free.

WATCH – There’s a wide range of videos we post here, all designed to provoke thought to help you be, do, have anything. I also post my appearances on other people’s shows – when I guest on them to talk about the topics they wish to discuss, I always try to strike a balance between maintaing who I am – my authentic personality – and my #ThoughtRevolution perspective. Walk the talk, I think they call it.

There are other ways in which I can also help you. I’m a speaker, and private coach. And aside from producing my radio show and the digital content published here, I also publish the digital magazine GGN, your gay guide to good life (although you don’t have to be LGBT to visit and enjoy it – the ideas presented there are for anyone!). Launched in 2002, it was the first digital magazine in Canada to speak the LGBT community and we’re really proud of the way it continues to grow and expand and help people everywhere be authentically fabulous.

Please have a look around, and let me know what you think!


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